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Welcome to New@BU! And welcome to Boston University! If you’re reading this, you’re probably a new student here at BU looking to find out a little bit more about college life. But for us writing this, we’re looking to hear a little bit more about your life as you approach college! Browse the posts made by your classmates – incoming freshmen and upperclassmen – and share your own stories. Together we’ll tell the story of what its like to be a Freshman and beyond at Boston University! Click here to start posting right away!

Practical Advice from Sua

Congratulations: You’ve arrived at college, a place where academia and people come together to challenge you one last time before you hit the proverbial real world. Can you walk the walk? Maybe so, but at BU you’ll find the question quickly becomes: can you walk it with swagger? To succeed here at BU, or at any college, you’ll need to learn a lot more than physics, history, or philosophy. Here I present to you a list of practical tips and tricks – life hacks, if you will... Read More

Black Wrap

Incandescent film lights can get hot. So hot in fact that I have heard stories about filmmakers throwing a frying pan on top of one to fry up an egg. And I believe that. Because film lights, they get hot. While we sometimes use our lights to replace kitchen appliances, we sometimes use kitchen tools to work with our lights. I’m talking about one of the most useful film tools a gaffer or grip (the people on set who do the lighting) has available: aluminum foil. Not just any... Read More

Mugar-After Hours

Last Friday I learned a valuable lesson: always check hours of operation before entering a building. I am a member of the Mugar Student Work Group. This information would make you think that I had some general knowledge about how Mugar operates–think again.  This summer I’ve been working at Mugar (doing graphic design projects) from about 10am-5pm Monday through Thursday, and then on Fridays I usually work from home because no one else comes in on Fridays and our... Read More

First Generation College Freshmen @ BU

Last Wednesday I attended a reception held at the Howard Thurman Center for the families of students and incoming freshmen who are first generation college students. It was great to meet some of these students and their families. I could sense everyone’s excitement as the families and students mingled with each other. My parents and their siblings were the first generation in their respective families to attend college. I remember them describing the daunting process of... Read More

Standing In

Night shoots. They’re the most fun, often the most challenging, and always the most tiring of film shoots. Last Tuesday night, all three proved true. From 10pm to 6am, a truckload of BU filmmakers (myself included) headed out to the suburbs to shoot a car crash scene for COM Graduate student Padrick Ritch’s MFA thesis film “Limbus.” We had a whole street to ourselves (blocked off on either end by police detail) that became our film set. For the first... Read More

“It’s All Part of the Fun” – On Mopeds and Good Bad Days

Machines break. Some more than others. For those of us who ride mopeds, our machines fall into the “more often than others” category. Although it limits the reliability of mopeds, fixing a broken moped is half the fun of owning one. I should be clear: when I say moped, I’m not talking about those shiny Vespas some folks buy up at Herb Chambers on Brighton Ave – I’m talking about the dirty, rusty motor bikes you see zipping around. Like these: My... Read More

Food Trucks @ BU

Growing up near New York City I have been spoiled by an abundance of food trucks. Ice-cream, cupcakes, tacos, burgers, falafel — all conveniently street-side and waiting to be sold from a window. Lately it seems that food trucks have become more and more trendy, especially in Boston. I hadn’t noticed or heard of food trucks in Boston up until this year when Roxy’s Grilled Cheese rolled into town. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet but as a fan of cheese I cannot wait... Read More

Writing Class Allows Freshmen to Experience Theater Now!

  When I was came to BU as a freshman I was excited to choose classes but wasn’t exactly thrilled when it came to “filling requirements,” and I dreaded the writing requirement in particular. It is not that I didn’t like writing, it was just that it was required and there were so many options I wasn’t sure which class would be a good fit for me. All I was given to make my decision was a laundry list of class titles and a few sentences describing a semester’s... Read More


Although a great location can’t make a great movie on its own, it definitely helps. Locations are full of what BU film professor Mary Jane Doherty calls “compositional gifts” – the little nuances of a space that can be arranged in the frame in a pleasing, interesting, or dynamic way. Great shooting locations therefore lend themselves to some creative cinematography and a satisfying visual aesthetic. So great locations don’t make great films in themselves, but they... Read More

Bruins Fans Celebrate

I’m not the biggest sports guy, but even I can appreciate how cool it is that for the first time since 1972, the Bruins are bringing the Stanley Cup home to Boston. So last night I hopped on my moped (conveniently colored black and yellow) and cruised into the city to watch the game, but more-so, to watch the celebrations. This is what I saw: I’m a few months shy of 21, so I had to watch the win through a bar’s window. This, however, gave me the perfect advantage... Read More

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