Laughing Alone on the T: A Short Guide To Podcasts

February 25, 2014 megakel One Comment

I constantly have my headphones in. I don’t leave my apartment without my headphones, no matter where I’m going. And believe it or not, I’m not listening to music. And no, I don’t just wear them to have an excuse to ignore people (but that’s a smart technique), I am constantly listening to podcasts.

My iPhone is filled with podcasts, that are anywhere from an hour to 3 hours long. I listen to them constantly and feel like I’m escaping the real world. Whether it’s an hour of Nerdist, where comedian Chris Hardwick gets to know a different person each week (anyone from Tom Hanks to BJ Novak), or an hour and a half of How Did This Get Made? where Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantozokous rip apart horrible movies scene by scene. Every single podcast I’ve discovered is better than the last, and they are constantly keeping me entertained. On any given day I can hear Will Ferell talk about his life while on the bus, or hear Paul F Tompkins pretending to be Ice-T while I’m walking to class.

It’s a level of entertainment that can’t be replicated. You can listen like its music, while you’re doing other things. As someone who grew up in this digital age, I love being engaged in multiple ways, and podcasts are a great way to do that. They make me feel productive in a weird way, even when I’m just waiting in line at Starbucks. It’s the best way to multitask. (That is assuming, of course, that you don’t own a Google Glass and therefore, are unable to catch up on Downton Abbey while walking down the street)

Check out some of my favorite, the hundreds of past episodes will keep you busy for years on end:

Comedy Bang Bang – hosted by Scott Aukerman, a fun and silly podcast that often has superstar guests like Amy Poehler and Zach Galifinakis, along with comedian playing hilarious characters and impressions.

Nerdist – hosted by Chris Hardwick, co-hosted by Jonah Ray. A fun and hilarious interview with a different stars each week, including episodes with Aziz Ansari and Steve Carell.

You Made It Weird – hosted by Pete Holmes. A “comedy therapy session” where Pete talks politics, comedy, and the meaning of life with different comedians. My favorite episode is the June Diane Raphael episode. I cried a lot.

Doug Loves Moves – a live podcast hosted by Doug Benson and featuring a panel of comedians that talk about movies and play games about movies. Sounds boring, is awesome.

And if none of these interest you, check out the Nerdist and Earwolf websites for TONS more!

Author: Megan Kelly

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