BONES Brings Therapy Dogs to Mugar! Meet Georgie

December 4, 2013 Mike One Comment


Mugar Library is teaming up with Dog B.O.N.E.S (Dogs Building Opportunities for Nurturing and Emotional Support) again for 24-hours period! I honestly, CANNOT wait to hangout with these guys during finals week! Click here for more information about the event!

Georgie is a very active 8 year old yellow lab. His favorite activities are swimming, hiking, exploring Boston with his dog friends and going to school. He is a confident but goofy dog that is always up for a new adventure and I am constantly exposing him to new sights and sounds.



He spends one week each summer on the beach in the Outer Banks, NC – our favorite place in the world! He was adopted when he was a 1 year old pup and has been in training ever since at The Pawsitive Dog. Georgie started with basic manners classes and has passed

He became a therapy dog about 2 years ago and really enjoys meeting new people. His current training consists of classes in narcotics detection – he loves to put his nose to work and can find 8 different drugs! both the Canine Good Citizen and Temperament Tests.


Author: Mike Tom
Hailing from the rolling hills of Allentown, Pennsylvania, Mike is a senior in the College of Mass Communication and majoring in public relations with a psychology concentration. Mike is actively involved in drum corps over the summer as well as the BU Q Collective during the school year. After graduation, he hopes to work for an LGBT non-profit or music non-profit.


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