Written Rage

October 25, 2011 Ingrid Adamow No Comments

Chronicling your anger in a no holds barred stream of consciousness is both emotionally productive and, technically, harmless. It’s a lot safer to address someone with a slew of dirty curse words on the pages of a notebook or on a blank word document than to call them up. Sure, there are times when it’s best to tell someone exactly how you feel. But usually, saying exactly what you want about exactly how you feel is pretty counterproductive. These are the times when you put pen to paper. I find that my emotionally charged written tirades constitute some of the best examples of my writing abilities. When I’m green with envy or red with rage, my word choices are strong because it’s so damn impassioned. I dare not feature any of my angry writing here, because the best part of these written rants are that they’re forever your own dirty little secret. I will say, however, that two of the few I just looked over are entitled “F*** you.” Just typing out those words with the face of their victim in mind has been a little dose of liberation.
Don’t get me wrong; I’m not vindictive and I’m really not an angry person. I’m pretty friendly and relatively enemy-free. It’s just that, just like you need a good hearty cry every once in a while, so, too, do you need to binge on a little rage periodically. That’s just as healthy. So get your pen and get angry.

Author: Ingrid Adamow
Ingrid is a sophomore in COM studying advertising. She hails from small town Connecticut. Ingrid loves writing above all else, but also has a penchant for all things cute (Hello Kitty especially).

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