Thanks Louis C.K.

I had a very exciting Saturday. It wasn’t that anything in particular was going on, so much as how little I had going on the following day. Saturday was exciting because I got to look forward to Sunday, the one day a week I have absolutely nothing to do. In fact aside from my excitement for Sunday, Saturday was pretty boring. It inched by slowly as my day of do-nothing approached.

And then Sunday happened. And as I had hoped and dreamed…

I had nothing. To. Do.

It ended up being far less glorious than I had imagined. I wandered around the house, looking for things to clean. I took cat naps every couple hours. I plopped myself down on the couch and played my new PS3. But what I did most of all this past Sunday was lament my boredom.

Normally my days have some sort of structure – go to work, study, go to class, sleep. That kind of thing. But this day, I had nothing. And I loathed each boring hour.

Until I saw this on my favorite website, Reddit:

And then I could feel my boredom trickling away as I realized that it’s okay to have a lazy day, alone with my mind, appreciating the little intricacies of life (and of my new PS3). All I needed, it turns out, was a comedian to put it all in perspective for me. Thanks Louis C.K.


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