The Fun and the Follow-Worthy: Tumblr Nation

July 16, 2011 Ingrid Adamow One Comment

Tumblr is social media for the creative. It’s having a blog without really “blogging” per se.
You can produce an aesthetically pleasing page without a single original find and amass heaps of
followers, friends and fans. It’s also almost unnervingly addictive. Exhausted by Facebook-ing, I
recently deleted my account. Tumblr quite readily filled the void in my little internet-hungry heart.
In my Tumblr travels I’ve unearthed some real gems of blogs. Admittedly they might be more suited
to my particular interests, but they’re fun and follow-worthy no less, and maybe will spur some
Tumblr newbies on an exploration through this inspiration-laden utopia.

1) “That Kind of Woman”:
The blog’s creator, Kat, has compiled a really fresh, crisp bunch of photos, videos, and
what-have-you. Her style is best described as prep-ster (a dash of J. Crew meets a pinch
of Urban Outfitters) but nevertheless the here-and-there words of wisdom about fashion
are universally insightful. She might say the blog’s aimed at a woman with an “overactive
imagination” and “good head on her shoulders,” but “That Kind of Woman” has a unisex

2) “Nerd Boyfriend”:
Inspired by the perhaps-accidental sartorial inclination of geeks, this blog dissects
menswear ensembles in photos and from celebrities to make the looks accessible to your
everyday nerd. Geek chic is hot; fellows, take note.

3) “Unhappy Hipsters”:
This Tumblr’s tagline says it all: “It’s lonely in the modern world.” The photos feature the
mod décor and ultra hip daily life scenery of a stereotypically-generated unhappy hipster.
Their captions are sarcastic, sardonic, hysterical. The next time a bearded twenty-something
cuts you off on his way to the organic food store while smoking an American Spirit and
blasting Bright Eyes… forego the flipped bird, and channel your rage later by hardcore l-o-l-
ing at this Tumblr gem.

4) “Things Organized Neatly”:
What’s better than a perfectly stacked pile of anything? Or a color-coded closet? Even the
sloppiest of dorm-dwellers can appreciate the eye feast of a hyper-organized slice of life.
This blog posts photos of examples of perfect organization. If your room’s gone awry, see for

5) “Yes, but No”:
A chief goal of this Tumblr is to disband stereotypes and disprove generalizations. Example
post? “Yes, I am from Massachussetts. No, I don’t live in Boston.” (This seemed appropriate).
Or another: “Yes, I am a guy. No, there’s nothing wrong with being emotional.”

This is a sparse sampling of Tumblr’s best and brightest. Tumblr may not be your cup of tea. A lot
of people I know discredit the site for a lack of promotion of originality, what with the incessant re-
blogging. (I’m a shameless re-blogger, no apology for that). But if you’re prone to boredom, fed up
with Facebook, or purely curious… bombs away!

(P.S. Shameless plug: My baby-stages Tumblr url is!)

Author: Ingrid Adamow
Ingrid is a sophomore in COM studying advertising. She hails from small town Connecticut. Ingrid loves writing above all else, but also has a penchant for all things cute (Hello Kitty especially).

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