Behind The Scenes of The Fifth Floor

May 19, 2011 Olivia Kimmel 3 Comments

Wow. This has been a fun ride. The Fifth Floor started out as a tiny idea in the mind of one Billy Kirland, and became a four month long effort. 6 actors, 15 crew members, 6 shooting days, and countless hours of preparation and post-ation have culminated in a wonderful webseries.

To give you a little look behind-the-scenes, I’ve compiled a list of BEST-OFs. Enjoy!

Directing the bathroom scene in Episode Four, "Coffee."

BEST AD-LIBBED LINE: “Screw you Teddy Roosevelt. I’m gonna tromp on into Yellowstone, kill some endangered species, and start a brushfire or two!” Major. Mike Nusbaum felt inspire on the balcony.

BEST SCRIPTED LINE: Tie – “I love Gladiator.” Stephen “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!??” Stephen. Dimitri Kouri, as the student-caught-unawares-by-Stephen’s-over-enthusiasm-for-Gladiator, was an addition thought of on set when we heard how funny Stephen delivered his line.

BEST PROP: Major’s ever-present champagne glass. Billy came up with the idea of having Major sipping a Manhattan in every shot but we didn’t have the right glass. But Mary saved us when she brought in the champagne glass you see in the series. So champagne it became!

BEST MEAL: All of them. Thank you to Shereen Samadzadeh for her amazing cooking. The Fifth Floor craft services were definitely the classiest in history. Mmm shrimp.

BEST LOCATION: The balcony definitely. The library has an awesome view from its balconies. We got VIP access (:p) or else I would tell you to go have a picnic.

BEST OSCAR WILDE LINE: “If you’re not too long, I will wait for you all my life” Major

BRIGHTEST IDEA: Mike Nusbaum for the idea of showing Major’s and Library Girl’s kiss shadow on the projection of Casablanca.

BIGGEST “AW” MOMENT: Billy’s line – “You’re the most beautiful girl I never got to know.”

BIGGEST “OOPS” MOMENT: When the card reader burnt the CF card and we thought we lost many hours of footage. Don’t worry! We fixed it!

BIGGEST DISTRACTION: Books in the library with funny titles. We lost many a Dimitri and Mike in the bookshelves.

Dimitri messing around.

MOST TAKES: Ooh man, I think this one will have to be a tie between the first putting shot in the series and the whiteboard shot (last shot of the shoot!). The putting shot needed a boom up and a rack focus at the same time AND the ball had to go in the cup. Go team. The whiteboard shot was a lot of movement and lines. Poor Mike Nusbaum and Billy Kirland – I think I said “just one more” about 10 times…lies.

MOST HOURS LOGGED IN WORKING ON THIS PROJECT: Billy seconded only by Adam Kasper. Editor by day, sound guy by night.

UNSUNG HERO: Kevin Anton. For staying even after everyone else had left to shoot our opening scene. And for being awesome.

MVP: Mary of course. The backbone of the project. None of this would have happened without her steady guidance and never-ending humor.

Please check out The Fifth Floor here:

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