Marisa Tomei, Why Didn’t You Stay?

March 31, 2010 Billy Kirland No Comments

TN7I know the purpose of my blog is to write about famous Boston University alumni, but once in a while people who briefly visited our campus need to be mentioned. One of these people is Marisa Tomei. Oh, Marisa, why did you have to leave us so soon?

Tomei, for those of you who weren’t aware or lucky enough to know, is a bombshell actress. I guess you could consider her one of those “under the radar” types because she’s not constantly in the tabloids for her misadventures like so many other celebrities. She’s a class act. She’s also very talented. Last year she was nominated for best supporting actress at the Oscars for her role as the main character’s love interest in the Indie hit, “The Wrestler.” Tomei had previously won the award for her role in “My Cousin Vinny” back in 1992. She has shined in many other movies like “What Women Want,” “In the Bedroom,” and “Anger Management.”

Before Tomei launched her wonderful and illustrious career, she spent her freshman year in college at Boston University in the College of Fine Arts. She transferred to New York University a year later because she landed a role on the soap opera “As The World Turns.” Clearly, BU was her first choice for school and she was forced to leave because she could no longer hide her talent. A great opportunity yanked her from Beantown—and getting three more years of the finest education in the northeast.

Marisa, if for some reason you are reading this, I think you’re a babe. When I found out you went here I was extremely happy. It made me stop to think, “Are there other Marisa Tomeis walking around campus right now? If there are I better go and find them.”

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