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Strategic Plan: Draft 3 for comment

The Table of Contents at the right allows you to read and comment on each section of the plan. We invite your feedback. The column at the right of each page you are viewing has a place for you to enter comments for the entire page or for each paragraph. Space is provided for your name and email address. Though these are not required, your contact information will help us to talk with you should we need clarification.

The feedback you provide will inform the final revisions to  Strategic Plan, the document that will inform our decisions during the next five years. Completion of the Strategic Plan will be followed by the development of an implementation plan to clearly define the actions we will take to achieve our goals. Your participation at all stages of the planning process is extremely valuable.

The Word Cloud below was generated from the text of draft 3 of the plan using Wordle.  Each page has a word cloud representing the content of that page. Click on the image to view the image at full-size.

Word Cloud

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Table of Contents